About Beat CF

There is a lack of high-quality evidence from clinical trials evaluating treatments for CF lung exacerbations. This limited evidence does not help guide doctors in predicting what treatments will work and in whom. Improving management of exacerbations may improve health outcomes and quality of life by delaying the progressive decline in lung function and reducing exposure to unnecessary side effects from medications.

BEAT CF is a research project aiming to optimise the management of lung exacerbations in people with CF. The project includes a randomised healthcare-embedded adaptive clinical trial, which will assess different treatment domains including antibiotics, mucolytics, anti-inflammatories and physiotherapy (e.g. airway clearance).

Running a trial of this scale and nature needs a modern and novel approach. The BEAT CF trial is a randomised healthcare-embedded adaptive platform trial, which allows treatment prescription to be driven by incoming participant data rather than having researchers predict treatments from the get-go and leaving them in place until the trial ends. The trial is run by a collaborative team of researchers, clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals and CF patients across Australia.


The first phase of BEAT CF will be recruiting children, teenagers and adults with CF to allow the capture of their medical data into a database within the BEAT CF Platform (digital infrastructure). We will ask people or their parents/guardians to provide consent to be part of this first phase. In the future, people who are enrolled in the Platform will be invited to take part in the embedded adaptive clinical trial. To read more, please visit our Participants page to download a Participant Information Sheet or to register your interest, please click on the button below.

BEAT CF Protocol Documents

ANZCTR Listings for BEAT CF Core and Substudies

Core – ACTRN12621000638831

Domain A – ACTRN12622000950763

Domain B – ACTRN12622001063707

ETI Observations Substudy – ACTRN12623000595617