The BEAT CF journey

The videos below explain what you can expect when enrolling into the BEAT CF Platform. A representative from our research team or the treating team may approach people eligible to enroll in the BEAT CF Platform at routine clinic visits. Participants or their parent/guardian will be given detailed information in clinic before deciding whether to enrol in the Platform.

If participants give consent to enrol into the BEAT CF Platform, they will be asked to consent again for the future clinical trial when their primary clinic is ready to begin recruiting.

BEAT CF Platform: Participant journey

BEAT CF Platform: Info for kids

For more information, you can download and read the Master participant information sheets below. Your site will give you specific sheets that will have more relevant contact information.

BEAT  CF Master adult information sheet 

BEAT  CF Master parent & child information sheet 

BEAT  CF Master child information sheet 

To register your interest for the BEAT CF Platform, please click on the button below.